Goddess Mahatma Katha

                                                    Goddess Mahatma Katha        

Sri Mahalaxmi Jagdamba Institute, Koradi, approximately 15 km north of Nagpur. It's at the distance. The name of 'Jakhapur' was earlier known in the Koradi Devi temple premises. The name of the Jakhapur was being used to roam. Earlier, Jakhpur was under the control of King Jholan. King Jholan had seven children, Janaoba, Nanaoba, Banoba, Baira, Khairoba, Agro and Dattasur. The king was unhappy because there was no Kanye Ratna. The king made a sacrifice, worship, worship, worship, and pleased God and asked for a Kanyaratna. Later, Jholan became the daughter of Raja's wife, the Queen Gangasagar. When the daughter was born, the city rejoiced greatly. Where were the celebrations organized. After seeing the king's daughter, the eyes of the king were as if she had the eyes of the bride, the bright light, the laughing smile, the most beautiful faces, the bright eyes, the charming ears, the great head, and the king's eyes. The king felt that it was not a girl but Goddess or Divine power was transformed into a girl's home. Then the charge of the party started growing like a moon. Their ecstatic divine beauty and beauty began to be discussed in the palace. Praja Sikumai was praised in the town. All the people in the city lived in the city with joy, happiness, prosperity and happiness. All the atmosphere was pleasant. There was no shortage of cities. The commander-in-chief and the minister were in charge of the state affairs.

Jhalan was a citizen of the Kingdom of Kirad in the front of the king's town. The daughter of the king of Kirad entered the jungle in the jungle with the help of friendly women and with few selected army. The King's soldiers saw unidentified persons coming in front of the king in front of the Rajya Sabha. Then the daughter of Jhalan Raja was present in the court room of Jekumai. Jolan Raja sent all the honors after consulting him. When the daughter of the king, the daughter of the king of Jhalan, told her father the beautiful beauty of her, that the king had thought that, asking Jolan's daughter to ask for her children, he called the angel of Jhalan and sent a message to the king saying, Give your daughter to our child.

But Jolan King rejected the King's proposal. Later, the king became angry with the king, and he sent a proposal that he should send warships to the Jholan king or accept our demands. In the Rajya Sabha, princess Jakumai was present with his father. After hearing the proposal, Junkumai in the Rajya Sabha

 He told the angel that Koradi and Suradwei are ready for the battle. At that moment, Jholan kept looking at King Jukumai. Jolan is known to the king, my daughter is not a girl but a fortune. So, the king confirmed the condition of Jukumai. Then the king of Kirad, the King of Kirad, conveyed all the information in detail to the king. According to the verdict, the days of war are fixed. The army of Jholan King was present in front of the Senapati Rajwad with the help of all the armored horses, horses, chariots, Palkhi and all the army. Zakumai took a glimpse of Jholan Raja and also blessed with the blessings of Gangasagar by his father and went with his brother. I jukumai, riding on elephant itself, rode on elephant with trident, Damro, sword, bow, etc. in his hand, and he crushed the platoon. I was in front of Jekumai and all his army.

The king and his army were ready, whereas the arrogant, cruel, miserable, unrighteous fare were there. Both the forces hit the front. The fierce battle was that the characters of the battle were inconvenienced; finally the King of Kirada was defeated. The king was prostrating on the feet of Mother, and was a beggar of mercy. Anne Kirad King gave life. And ordered that, mother did so that you do not do injustice to anybody in the city and do not torture her on your subjects. The king went back to his own town. But Jumuani returned to the courtroom because the mother Jakumai was divine. After the punishment of the king and the king who was incarnated for his work, he sent the entire army and the commander back to the courtroom of Jholan so that the place where the sun sets. Then the mother came out by the way. After the sunset, it is the place where the Jakhpur is situated. Shaktipith is the only place after which, after the mother, the mother's brother Dattasur was coming to see the mother. As soon as the sun sets, it was on the hill. It has become a reality. Today the area is famous as "Dattasur". There were three brothers along with her mother. They sat next to their mother. The place is 'Jakhpur', the Jataka Shakti Peetha, Chaitra and Ashwin fill the jute twice a year. Even now, there were devotees in the form of three types of mothers. In the morning as a bride, in the youth and in the evenings, in the middle of the day, mother's revelation is still three times in her old age. In the self-conscious form of the mother in the year, on the day of Chaudhas and Ashvin, on the day of Darshan Chitra twice a year, there are devotees of devotees of Lord Shiva. There is a tremendous crowd at the time of worship of Goddess Durga Puja. The value of this service is done by Phuljhalis. Phuljhale family is still serving Goddess. The story of the Goddess and Goddess of the generation, and the relevant evidence, is of the side family. Fools family still has the story of the Goddess and the relevant evidence, the side of the adjoining area is also on the other side of the trunk. There was a Kevadya forest, the poisonous aroma was spread throughout the area. There was a Naga empire in the Jakhapur area. This place was a secret and it was named 'Goomukh'. There is a natural stream of cold water that is a secret spring. Water comes from whom nobody comes to whom nobody knows. Mud and rangoli stone are still found in the Jakhpur area. Siddha men used to practice sadhana in Jakhpur since ancient times. Then came Gond Raje's career. Thereafter Bhosale Raje's career was in existence. Before that the construction of the temple was done before the temple of Hemadpanthi temple, carved stone, lamps, and big stones. From this it proves how ancient the temple is. Later, when the Bhosaleem empire came, this region was coming under the purview of the Puri Parivar Malguzari under the well known Bhosale Gharana. In Jakhpur, devotees of the devotees have constructed the construction of the Sarai for the devotees, the construction of the wells, and after the gates of the temple, the old buildings were broken and the temple was made bigger and according to the order of Honorable Joint Chartered Commissioner, the order of the Kori and the priest- Coordination of respected social service devotee Duly established Trust was established on July 24, 1987, in the name of Shri Mahalakshmi Jagdamba Institute (R. 533), dry name, and even today, in the area, there are Kevadhi trees in the ancient Gomukh, the Shital sea, the Kund, the Dattatray hill, Suradvee Ponds are still found today. So, we understand how old this temple is.

                In the ancient Kori village, cholera, pandemic, the village of the village was lying due to the terrible disease, the villagers lived in Jakhpur for the shelter. After the end of diseases like hemisphere, and plague-like diseases, they were returning to their hometown.

                After taking a glimpse of the mother, the meaning of religion-work-moksha becomes meaning-religion. The woman who does not have children, who is suffering from such a disease as a man or a woman, has been long-lived after seeing Darshan. The woman who does not have children, has got the son.

                  If the Brahmin is worshiped by worshiping and worshiping the mother and praising her, then she is a great scholar and if she is a classical, then the mother is proud that if there is great knight and Vaishya, then there is abundant wealth. This revelation has been lost to all devotees.