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                             Mahatmya Katha – The History And Background 


In the previous era , Koradi was known as Jakhapur , the king of Jakhapur Raja Jholan, had seven children – Janoba, Nanoba , Banoba, Bairoba, Khairoba, Agnoba, Dattasur. The king was unhappy as he had no daughter. He performed Yagya, Havan, Puja, Tapashchrya and pleased the gods and requested them to bless him a Daughter. A daughter with divine beauty was born. After seeing his daughter for the first time, the king felt that Adi Shakti manifested in the form of his daughter.

The king of Jholan had various experiences of the divine Shakti who was born as his daughter. She had given him appropriate guidance which had made decision making easier for him . she had shown great visionary support in difficult times.

Once in a war when she accompanied the king, she had shown great justice towards the king as well as his opponents. The king once again realized the power of that divine Shakti. While returning from the war, Jakhumai being the divine Shakti decided to stop at the place where thesun would set. That place is regarded as Jakhapur (now Koradi). The moorti (idol) is believed to be ‘Swayambhu’ – manifested one, as nobody installed it. 


The surroundings consist of a Kund and Goumukh. There is a natural stream of cool water. Stones of Rangoli are still found in this area.


The architectural beauty of the shrine finely showcases the ancient roots of the mandir. People are believed to succeed in the four components of good life- Arth , Dharma, Kaam, moksha with the blessing of Devi Jakhumai.